Mike Reilly Finding my Voice

Mike Reilly : Finding My Voice

Mike Reilly : Finding My Voice

MIKE REILLY: Finding My Voice is a series of deeply personal vignettes illuminating how profoundly the sport of IRONMAN touches both its participants and its fans. Written from Reilly’s unique insider’s perspective as the long-time World Championship race announcer and one of the most prominent personalities in the endurance sports field, it  provides an intimate, revealing and entertaining glimpse into a fascinating corner of the world of endurance sports.

IRONMAN is a sports phenomenon that has come to symbolize the very best of human striving, achievement and excellence. And race announcer Mike Reilly is known throughout the endurance sports world as the “Voice of IRONMAN.”

Every year, over three thousand people around the world compete in a series of long-distance triathlons that test the outer limits of their physical abilities and mental toughness. Some do it for glory, some to test themselves, some to honor lost loved ones or colleagues, some to bring healing to their troubled lives.

Over the years, hundreds of IRONMAN athletes have shared their tales with Mike. In this book, he brings to you some of the stories that have touched and inspired him, in the hope that they will do the same for you.

A young woman races in a contest against cancer that threatens her life. A soldier carries a flag through the full marathon distance to keep alive the memory of fallen comrades. Two of the sport’s most decorated champions do battle in the greatest head-to-head competition ever seen in any sport. Parents put their family back together after the loss of a child.

Mike has witnessed it all, and brings it to life in a series of riveting stories that will have you re-thinking your notions of what people are capable of when pushed to their limits.


MIKE REILLY, the official "Voice of IRONMAN" worldwide and a member of the IRONMAN Hall of Fame, the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame and the Running USA Hall of Champions, is the only person to have been inducted into all three.

LEE GRUENFELD is the author of fourteen works of fiction and non-fiction and is a writer and photographer for the official IRONMAN Website.

Publisher Name Date ISBN Pages
Steeplechase Run 2019 0061845450 256

From the first chapter, Reilly welcomes readers to immerse themselves in the world of Ironman triathlon. It’s as if, for the duration of the novel, you are Reilly’s best friend and confidante. Whether you are a seasoned Ironman athlete, a newcomer to the sport, an athlete supporter, or none of the above, the intense emotions surrounding this 140.6 mile-long race emanate from every page and send chills of wonderment down the spine. A deeply emotional yet colloquially written book, MIKE REILLY: Finding My Voice will bring tears to the eyes, rejuvenate the spirit, and remind us of the good in humankind, both on and off the Ironman race course.

— Triathlete Magazine

A genuinely moving series of tales, stitching together the stories of various IRONMAN athletes and Mike’s journey through endurance sport over the years. At one point the book caused tears to be shed. At others it is funny, sharp and insightful.

— EnduranceBusiness.com

There is a call we all yearn to hear at an IRONMAN finish line, and when I heard it proclaim me an IRONMAN each of the nine times I raced in Hawai’i, they were the most inspiring and fulfilling words ever spoken about me. The voice and passion of Mike Reilly bringing you home lifts you up and fulfills dreams for a lifetime. Now you can discover for yourself what’s behind that passion in his wonderful new book, MIKE REILLY: Finding My Voice.

— Dave McGillivray - Race Director
Boston Marathon/ DMSE Sports

I have heard so many people say that it was such an honor to hear Mike call their name as they crossed over the finish line and I finally got to experience it myself. It was truly magical, and that magic is beautifully described in Mike’s new book. It’s filled with unique insights, such heartfelt and moving stories, and a deeply personal take on why Mike has been so passionate about this sport of triathlon and the people that are caught up in its spell.

— Katherine Kelly Lang: Actress on CBS
“The Bold And The Beautiful;”
board member of Woman For Tri
& IRONMAN Foundation

It would be surprising if readers aren’t reaching for tissues at some point. Before they even get to the grueling races, these amazing people conquer incredible odds, suffer terrible losses, and refuse to let illness and setbacks detour their Ironman goals. It is clear that Reilly deeply respects all of them.

— Triathlon Magazine Canada

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