The 2009 Caminetti Cup

United States vs. Puerto Rico

THE CAMINETTI CUP is an annual golf tournament pitting the United States against Puerto Rico. It was begun by hotel/golf resort general managers Rich Cortese and Joel Paige and is independent ofTroon McAllister or the publishers. Participants are required to have read The Greenand must pass a test to prove it.

The Ninth Annual Caminetti Cup of 2009 was won by the United States, 10-1/2 to 9-1/2. That makes it 5-4 USA after nine tournaments. Major casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Reno are now making book on the 2010 Tenth Anniversary Cup.

The Final Leaderboard
USA: 10-½                           Puerto Rico 9-½


Commentary by Caminetti Cup chaplain & disciplinarian Patty Crucet:

The 9th Annual Caminetti Cup was as exciting as watching Angel Cabrera’s dramatic Master’s win at Augusta.  Team U.S.A., nevertheless, believes it’s worthy of a Golf Channel segment.

On a beautiful hot Saturday at the PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens (, play began on The Palmer.  Pumped and ready to roll (despite the late night kick-off party…. and where’s Robbie? Call his room; call security!!), Teams Puerto Rico and U.S.A.’s first round was a best ball match with the second round on The Haig for alternate shot play.  Last hole was the best!  Peter N drains a 22-footer for an amazing par for a half point.  Charles misses a putt to get a point and Pete A of Team P.R. misses his putt to get a point:  match is halved.

Sunday… ahhhh Sunday for match play.  Recap:  7 missed putts, 2 made putts, 2 conceded putts.  But here’s the Golf Channel part… picture this.

Last hole, last group (consisting of Captain Joel, son James of Team U.S.A. and Captain Richie and “cool-hand” Mike of Team Puerto Rico).  James hits 2nd ball on par 5 into the water (V8 forehead slap here); dad Joel hits 3rd shot into the water. Richie misses putt for birdie, James misses putt for par, Mike misses put for birdie, Joel misses putt for bogie, Richie misses put for par (everyone’s quiet now, out of the carts and lining the hill).  James makes putt for bogie 6, Mike misses putt for par, Richie misses putt for bogie, and Joel makes putt for double bogie 7 for Team U.S.A. WIN!!! 10.5 to 9.5.  [Richie’s putt for double bogie 7 is conceded; match is halved.  Mike’s putt for bogie 6 is conceded; match is halved.]

Congrats to Team U.S.A.’s win.  Many thanks to all who participated and extra thanks to the traveling Team Puerto Rico.  Everyone is looking forward to next year’s event when Team Puerto Rico hosts the 10th Anniversary of the Caminetti Cup.

Thank you, Troon, for your inspiration!

Rich Cortese, PR (left, barely hiding half-smoked stogie) and Joel Paige, USA


Mike Santin, Saul Tanal, Nash Mawani, Pete Acosta, Rich Cortese, Dan McDermott,
Larry Vitale, Artie Farley, Carlos Delogaray, Robbie Slavonia


Mike Santin, Saul Tanal, Nash Mawani, Pete Acosta, Rich Cortese, Dan McDermott,
Larry Vitale, Artie Farley, Carlos Delogaray, Robbie Slavonia


(standing) Mike Santin, Robbie Slavonia, Pete Acosta, Carlos Delogaray,
Saul Tanal, Dan McDermott, Nat Moore, John Sexton, Joel Paige, Pete Nicolosi, Mark Odom.

(kneeling) Nash Mawani, Larry Vitale, Rich Cortese, Artie Farley, James Paige, Charles Petronella,
Mike Miraglia, Brad Buchanan, Chris Berry (still MIA: Carmine Rondinelli)


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