The 2007 Caminetti Cup

United States vs. Puerto Rico

THE CAMINETTI CUP is an annual golf tournament pitting
the United States against Puerto Rico.
Participants are required to have read The Green
and must pass a test to prove it.

The Cup was begun by a group of club pros,
entirely on their own, and is independent of
Troon McAllister or the publishers.

The Seventh Annual Caminetti Cup of 2007
was won by the United States.

The Captains:
USA – Joel Paige (red)     PR – Rich Cortese (blue)


The perpetual Caminetti Cup,
currently on display in the lobby of PGA National
Palm Beach Gardens


Team Puerto Rico
Carlos Acosta, Peter De La Gora, Rob Slavonia,
Rich Cortese, Saul Tanal, Larry Vitale, Nash Malwani, Nick Cortese


Team USA
Carmine Rondinelli, Chris Berry, Peter Nicolosi, Joel Paige,
Mike Miraglia, Ed Nystrom, Mark Odom, Brad Buchanan


The Whole Sorry Bunch
USA: front row (Carmine, Peter, Mike); back row (Brad, Chris, Ed, Mark, Joel)
PR: front row (Rich, Larry); back row (Saul, Nick, Nash, Peter, Carlos, Robbie)


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