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The best of Lee Gruenfeld's Ironman columns

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Written by Lee Gruenfeld for John Brenkus

New York Times: #4

Barnes & Noble: #1 top seller

Amazon.com: #3 top seller

Wall Street Journal: #7

Publisher's Weekly: #5

If you're interested in understanding the American character, there are plenty of texts to consult— including, of course, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence and Alexis de Tocqueville's meditations on this country. Here's another work to add to the mix: John Brenkus's "The Perfection Point," about the absolute limits of human athletic performance.
                                                           Wall Street Journal


“Sure to spark debate in sporting and scientific circles,  the book is engagingly written, well argued, and —even when  the conclusions seem almost science-fictiony— entirely plausible.”
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from Simon & Schuster:

A fighter's journey

The autobiography of history's only 
Four-Time Heavyweight World Champion

by Evander Holyfield and Lee Gruenfeld

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Photos of Haiti before the earthquake


Now in paperback:

The Astonishing True Story of a High-Society Cat Burglar

Four Stars -- "Critic's Choice" selection.
— PEOPLE Magazine

“I think this book's tremendous."
            — Frank Abagnale, Catch Me If You Can

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"McAllister has carved himself a special little niche as one of the foremost practitioners of golf fiction."
                          -- Kirkus Reviews

 Nobody writes better about golf in all its glorious stupidity."
                         -- David Feherty, CBS golf analyst

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 Novels (descriptions & reviews):

Irreparable Harm All Fall Down
The Halls of Justice The Expert
The Street
As Troon McAllister:
The Green The Foursome
The Kid Who Batted 1.000 Scratch

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Short Stories & Articles 
(complete text):

Par 32: A Space Oddity Jerry Swerdlow Saves
the World
Triathlon Widows  


Excerpts from a work in progress:

A Practical Guide for Everyday Living


Other items of interest:

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