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        As Lee Gruenfeld:
           Irreparable Harm
            All Fall Down
            The Halls of Justice
            The Expert
            The Street
            Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief

       Under the pseudonym "Troon McAllister:"
             The Green
The Foursome
            The Kid Who Batted 1.000

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1- Background

Born 1950, Brooklyn, NY, the son of Holocaust survivors who came to the US in 1949. Currently living in California, dividing time between homes in Lake Arrowhead and Palm Springs.

Education: BA (cum laude), double major in Psychology and Philosophy, SUNY @ Stony Brook, 1972, with special honor as outstanding graduating student in Psychology. Received a fellowship to pursue PhD at University of Texas but declined it to enter computer business.

Awarded piano scholarship to the Brooklyn Academy of Music at the age of six; studied formally for twenty years.

Career: Moved to New York City and joined pioneering computer timesharing company in 1973 as programmer trainee; left in 1979 as nationwide manager of systems development to join Touche Ross & Co. (now Deloitte & Touche) as a management consultant specializing in advanced computer technology, strategic systems planning and computer-related litigation support. Served as an expert witness in numerous lawsuits involving advanced technology, wrote feature articles and regular columns for several international technology periodicals, taught courses in computer law and strategic systems planning. Moved to California in 1981. Became a partner in the firm in 1987. Resigned in 1991 to pursue a full-time writing career.

Public speaking: Extensive, nationwide lectures on a variety of topics, including:
- Computer law
- Chaos theory and fractals
- Critical thinking
- The Role of Language in Business
- The Future of the Library
- Writing the Legal Thriller
- Why We Love the Game of Golf

Personal: Married wife Cherie in 1982. She resigned from her position as a marketing executive in the advanced computing industry and became a full-time athlete when Lee got his first book contract in 1992. At the age of 56, she is currently the #1 ranked amateur Ironman triathlete in the world, and holds several world and national world age-group records.

Misc: Licensed pilot; occasional feature writer for Competitor magazine

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2- Synopses of Published Books (click title to link to details)

Irreparable Harm, Warner Books, 1992 (psychological thriller)

A penetrating glimpse into the psyche of a deeply troubled young female police officer suspected in a murder she cannot remember committing, told from the perspective of her captain, also female, who harbors a suspicion that the rookie might be innocent.

Gruenfeld's first published book. Earned a record-setting advance for a debut novel. Publication in England, Australia, Japan, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Germany, France. Audio abridged (read by Angie Dickinson) and unabridged. Movie rights optioned to Warner Bros. A Book-of-the-Month Club Featured Alternate selection

Publisher's Weekly: "A solid debut novel...ambitious...plenty of panache...interesting intriguing first novel."

All Fall Down, Warner Books, 1994 (aviation- & military-oriented suspense/thriller)

An aging FBI agent locks into the mind of a sociopath who has created a way to grab control of any plane in the sky. A seemingly unrelated parallel story about a black pilot scarred by combat during World War II collides explosively with that of the extortionist. While ALL FALL DOWN entertains and fascinates, it also takes us back through decades of American history and, in the face of imminent catastrophe, on a stunning quest for a true American hero.

300,000 paperback first printing. Film rights under option to Columbia Pictures. Publication in Germany, Japan, Israel, et al. Audio from The Publishing Mills.

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year, 1994: "Books about flying do not come much better than this one."

The Halls of Justice, Dutton Books, 1996 (legal thriller)

Twin sisters, brutally attacked by a sociopathic hoodlum, exact their revenge: one of them shoots the perpetrator in cold blood and in public. But no witness can say for sure which one of the sisters pulled the trigger, and it is up to assistant DA Sal Milano to prosecute the case anyway.

Unabridged cassettes by Blackstone Audio; abridged cassettes by The Publishing Mills. 400,000 copies in print.

Kirkus ( starred review): "Gruenfeld returns in top form, this time delivering a first-rate courtroom thriller with a twisty two-track plot that will keep most readers guessing right up through the denouements. A worldly-wise legal shocker."

The Expert, Dutton Books, 1998 (legal/techno thriller)

Rebecca Verona, a Los Angeles attorney with a growing reputation for winning lawsuits involving advanced technology, is handed a career-making case: a prominent Silicon Valley chip manufacturer has been indicted by the US government for making highly advanced superchips and illegally selling them to mainland China. A fascinating glimpse into the world of encryption and ultra-high-tech computer technology.

New York Times Book Review: "As one might expect from a book called "The Expert," it's an adroit performance, with plenty of double-crosses mixed in with the cross-examinations.   [T]he characters are deftly presented.  Best of all, Gruenfeld keeps the...detailed discussions balanced with the personal motivations of his cast."

The Street, Doubleday, 2001 (financial thriller)

[Just released] A razor-sharp, blisteringly on-target thriller set in the world of dot-com start-up madness. A Wall Street entrepreneur creates a multi-billion dollar company seemingly out of thin air, and an SEC investigator thinks it's just that: thin air. 

Nelson DeMille: "An unputdownable financial thriller that is certain to become must-reading for all of us stumped by the new economy dot-com meltdown, The Street's full-bodied fictional cast reminded me of those profiled in James Stewart's Den of Thieves. Gruenfeld is a masterful storyteller."

Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief, Random House, 2004 (non-fiction/biography)


Under the pseudonym "Troon McAllister:"

The Green, Doubleday, 1999 (golf fiction)

United States Ryder Cup captain Alan Bellamy, with one precious slot unfilled and none of the remaining top tour players willing to sign on against a clearly superior European squad, makes a desperate decision in his attempt to preserve America's golfing honor: he selects as his twelfth man one Eddie Caminetti, a low-life, two bit hustler from a municipal course in South Florida.

Film rights under option to Baldwin/Cohen Productions

Library Journal: "The best novel about golf since The Rub of the Green."
PGA Tour: [A "Best Book of 1999"] - "Troon McAllister's first novel remains the most entertaining piece of golf fiction to come along in a long time."
USA Today: "A hilarious and loving look at golf generally and the Ryder Cup in particular."

The Foursome, Doubleday, 2000 (golf fiction)

Golf fiction's finest hustler -- The Green's Eddie Caminetti -- returns in a new novel featuring a foursome of upwardly mobile golf fanatics who get their just rewards. Tired of hustling for something as ordinary as money, Eddie, in THE FOURSOME, sets his sights slightly higher than other men's pockets: He goes after their souls. This book is as much about life as it is about golf.

Booklist:  "McAllister plays it for laughs and delivers; this is the perfect book for those who love golf but despise most golfers."

The Kid Who Batted 1.000, Doubleday, April, 2002 (baseball fiction)

Manager Zuke Johansen has just about given up hope when an unexpected thing happens a scout introduces him to Marvin Kowalski. A straight-A student, valedictorian of his high-school class, and on his way to MIT, Marvin knows little about the rules of the game, and his pencil-thin physique would get him laughed off a big league diamond. But Marvin has one brilliant skill. The ultimate "one-tool" player, he has such a good eye that he can tell what kind of pitch is coming almost before it leaves the pitcher's hand. And even though he's not much of a hitter, his reflexes and coordination are incredibly fast -- so fast, in fact, that nobody can strike him out, as Zuke Johansen quickly sees. Marvin may not be Babe Ruth, but he has found a way to exhaust -- and utterly enrage -- opposing pitchers, driving them to distraction before he takes his inevitable base. Zuke, faced with the prospect of leading his team to one of the worst season's records since the game was played without gloves, is desperate enough to wonder if Marvin's strange talent might just lift his Majeskyks out of the cellar....

Scratch, Rugged Land, April, 2003 (golf fiction)

Barranca, Rugged Land, April, 2004 (golf fiction)



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