Review Excerpts


- Publishers Weekly

"...galvanic... an impressive debut. Gruenfeld delves beneath his characters stock attributes to create individual personalities... the events are dramatic; formidable police captain Amanda Grant is a likely candidate for future fictional casework."

- Chicago Tribune

"a solid debut novel...ambitious...plenty of panache...interesting intriguing first novel."

- Gallery

"From the gripping opening scene to its satisfying conclusion...distills the best elements of a psychological thriller, hot romance, and detective novel into one immensely gratifying read. Gifted with an excellent ear for dialog, Gruenfeld portrays psychologically complex circumstances with perceptive, finely embellished, insightful and subtle writing."

- Macon Beacon

"You'll find yourself moving your own mind around from wondering about the killing to wondering what lurks in the characters' minds... A mental scorcher. Twisty and exciting... ominous."

- West Coast Review of Books, Arts and Entertainment

" intelligent read and an impressive first work. Gruenfeld's talent cannot be disputed."

- Commonwealth Journal

"A blockbuster of a story."

- Library Journal

"...this compelling first novel is a worthy addition to the current spate of legal/psychological thrillers."

- Digby Diehl

"...a page turner...high-energy...tightly plotted...will keep you riveted through many plot twists and fascinating revelations about psychiatric abuse. Gruenfeld shows a firm grasp of police procedure, police life, psychiatry, Freud, LSD, mind control and the use of drugs by intelligence agencies...memorable and finely drawn characters. Gruenfeld...has begun his novelistic career impressively.



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