Kirkus Reviews:
" engaging story of a fighter that wins on points."


The New York Post:
"Required reading..."


Publishers Weekly:
"With the help of Gruenfeld (The Street), Holyfield
recounts the story of his career with remarkable
honesty and surprising wisdom...This memoir is a
testament to the strength of his desire and the
purity of his drive."


The Herald:
"Lee Gruenfeld... has rendered it 
unmistakeably in Holyfield's tones. I 
consumed the book in two sittings and 
then interviewed Holyfield. His rhythm 
of speech, his vocabulary, even his tone 
was exactly that of the book. Gruenfeld has, 
therefore, not only told the story in the way 
that Holyfield wants but also in his voice. It is 
a remarkable achievement. It adds to the 
enjoyment of the reader who believes he/she is 
listening to Holyfield direct without the need for 
a middle man."


Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
"An entertaining read. Gruenfeld does a nice job
of getting Holyfield to open up on several topics.
Even those who have closely followed his career
and the ups and downs in his personal life will
find anecdotes they were unaware of."


The Independent (London):
(BOOK OF THE WEEK) "A fascinating read.
Holyfield remains that shimmering rarity - a
competitor that has lived up to his own, and
everyone else's, extraordinary expectations."


Pittsburgh Courier:
"A knockout of a book!"


London Telegraph:
"Better than most sporting autobiographies. It helps that
Holyfield has an exemplary ghost in Lee Gruenfeld,
who has a nifty prose style and the willingness to put
in the hard hours with the tape recorder.
intriguing read."