Holyfield vs. Bates

August 18, 2006

American Airlines Center

Dallas, Texas


All photos 2006 by Lee Gruenfeld/Steeplechase Run, Inc.


"The 4 Shades" singing group, from Evander's "Real Deal Records"
(There are only three; "4 Shades" refers to their singing style.)



The 4 Shades singing the national anthem



One of eight undercard fights, Rocio Vasquez (6-2, yellow shorts) about to get beaten in the second round by Vanessa Juarez (now 3-0).


Celebrities all over the place. This is John Sally, ex-NBA player and now a commentator for Fox Sports, outside Evander's locker room.


"Neon Deion" Sanders


Roberto Duran


Locker room before the fight. Didn't seem appropriate to take pictures inside, so I didn't.
Got over that by the next fight.


Jeremy "The Beast" Bates climbing into the ring.






This is Joe Bond, Evander's lawyer, at ringside. What he's holding is Evander's and my book contract with Simon & Schuster, which Joe was determined to have Evander sign before the night was over. Depends on how you define "night."


Evander heading for the ring.



Facing off for Round One.



As planned, early on Evander stayed outside and threw jabs.



In the corner after Round One. The man in the middle is legendary trainer Ronnie Shields. On the right with his face hidden is conditioning trainer Tim Hallmark, who's been with Evander for twenty years.


Just to make sure you know where in the fight we are.



Just before Evander's final flurry


At about 2:35 into the second round, Evander had Bates against the rope and unleashed a furious battery of unanswered punches. At 2:52 the ref stopped the fight and Evander was the winner by TKO.



Climbing out after the official announcement.


Post-fight press conference



The people standing are from the Texas boxing commission.
Seated are Ronnie Shields, Evander, event manager George Hutson and Tim Hallmark.



Ronnie Shields.



Tim Hallmark.





Evander's kids



Dad, Isom Coley (passed away last year)


Signing autographs and posing for pictures outside the locker room.



-- A splendid time was had by all. --