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From the Dutton Books jacket...

Here is the knockout legal thriller of the year, a one-two punch of brilliant writing and complex plotting that firmly establishes Lee Gruenfeld as a worthy heir to Scott Turow and Richard North Patterson. THE HALLS OF JUSTICE is an electrifying novel that will call into question everything you think you know about justice and the law.

Out celebrating a surprise win in court, Diane Pierman, a prominent Santa Monica attorney, and her sister are brutally attacked, leaving them badly traumatized. Their case falls to Deputy DA Sal Milano, a man of strong moral convictions, and a brilliant legal strategist. Though the sisters feel victory is certain, Sal begins to have doubts, as departmental politics and his own growing attraction to Diane begin to overwhelm him.

Also, Sal underestimates his opposition, an aging criminal defense attorney with many more years of experience in cleverly manipulating the law to the advantage of questionable clients. Through an extraordinary misstep of justice, the trial takes an awful turn, leaving Diane and Sal in a state of shock at how the vaunted rules of law betrayed them.

While Sal is able to walk away from the case, the sisters are not, and it is they who concoct a remarkable scheme to exact a terrible revenge on their attacker. Their plan is as shockingly bold to police investigators as it is to Sal, and sets off an amazing chain reaction of legal duplicity that will leave no one unscathed.

In this spellbinding novel of legal intrigue, Lee Gruenfeld delivers a galvanic and powerful tale that will resonate long after the last page is turned. Legal suspense has never been more compelling than in THE HALLS OF JUSTICE.


Dutton Books, 1996
ISBN 0-525-94130-4; 438 pp.
Hardcover: US$24.95
Softcover: US$6.99
Abridged audio by: The Publishing Mills
Unabridged audio by: Blackstone

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