("Troon McAllister" is a pseudonym for Lee Gruenfeld)


From the Doubleday jacket...

The Ryder Cup.

A biennial tournament considered the premier event in the golfing world, pitting the twelve best players in the United States against the twelve best of Europe in a contest so pressure-filled it can paralyze even the most battle-scarred tour veterans.

United States captain Alan Bellamy, with one precious slot unfilled and none of the remaining top tour players willing to sign on against a clearly superior European squad, makes a desperate decision in his attempt to preserve America's golfing honor: he selects as his twelfth man one Eddie Caminetti, a low-life, two bit hustler from a municipal course in South Florida.

The most prestigious tournament in golf will never be the same, and as the unforeseen consequences of Caminetti's participation on the Ryder team unfold riotously, Troon McAllister takes us into the minds and souls of elite professional athletes and attempts to shed some light on a question as old as golf itself: Why would God create a game even He can't play?

But where many previous novels have elevated the game of golf to a near-mystical religion, McAllister crashes it firmly back to earth where it belongs, in the hands and hearts of real people in all their devotion, profanity, enthusiasm, exasperation and sheer joy.

Even if the closest you've ever been to a round of golf was trying to putt past a windmill into a clown's nose, you'll find yourself totally enthralled as these fascinating characters fight the course, their personal demons and especially each other in their pursuit of the most fiendishly frustrating sport ever created.


Doubleday/Mainstream, 1999
ISBN 0-385-49460-2  Paperback
Abridg. Audio by The Publishing Mills

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THE CAMINETTI CUP an annual golf tournament pitting the United States against Puerto Rico.
Participants are required to have read The Green and must pass a test to prove it.

The Cup was begun by a group of club pros, entirely on their own, and is independent of
Troon McAllister or the publishers.

The Twelfth Annual Caminetti Cup of 2012



Team U.S.A. (stripes) {left to right}

Kneeling:  Mike Miraglia, Brad Buchanan

Front row:  Nat Moore, Bob Berry, Chris Berry, Carmine Rondinelli, Bob Pechon, John Sexton, Capt. Joel Paige

Back row:  Mike Rapf, Bob Deregibus, Mark Odom, Brent Bush, Chris Waddell


Team Puerto Rico (white) {right to left}

Kneeling:  Mark Kitchenman, Nash Mawani, Jacob Wegrzyn, Gabriel Pagan

Front row:  Mike Santin, Carlos Dolagaray, Saul Tanal, Larry Vitale, Robbie Slavonia, Adriano Valle, Pete Acosta, Capt. Rick Cortese

Back row:  Nick Cortese, Artie Farley


*   *   *


See photos from the 20072008, 2009 and 2011 tournaments 


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