All photos taken February, 2003.

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Bill Mason

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Chapter Four: "Luck"
Chapter Six: "Scaling the Heights"
Bill Welling and Fred Haddad
Chapter Sixteen: "Crazy"
Bill Mason & Francine Loveman




Several views of Armand Hammer's condo. His unit was third from the top
on the far right, just above the shuttered windows.
Mason got out on the ledge from the leftmost unit on the same floor.


Chapter Four: "Luck"

 "Big Ange" Lonardo


Chapter Six: "Scaling the Heights"

Elizabeth Bender's apartment in "The Fountainhead."
Her unit is the topmost one on the far left. Mason got
into it by dropping down from the roof.


The wall Mason scaled to reach the pool deck. The fence
at the top of the wall was not present at the time.
Beach buildup over the years has made the wall much shorter than it was originally.


Grilled window protecting the boiler room. 
The actual window Mason entered is about twelve feet
to the left of this one, and is now protected by a fence.


Johnny Weismuller's condo. (Middle unit, top floor.)


Coral Ridge Golf Club, which provided cover for the score.
This photo was taken from the ground level of Weismuller's condo.


Mason used only his hands and feet to climb up to the top floor.



Bill Welling


Defense attorney Fred Haddad, left. Pictured here on February 10, 2003, 
conferring with the defendant and co-counsel before opening
statements in a murder trial in Florida.


Chapter Sixteen: "Crazy"

Richard Delisi's house. From the grassy area on the right,
police were able to observe Mason's house down the street,
until Delisi turned on the sprinklers to drive them away .

Click here to see the Florida Department of Corrections entry for Richard Delisi.

Rear of apartment Bill Welling rented in Coral Ridge when Mason sneaked
into Florida to visit his wife, Barbara. Mason came here after he saw
Barbara's car surrounded by police vehicles, and headed out the second-story
door when detectives knocked at the front door.


Lot where Mason parked his van. When he came out of the
apartment, two detectives were standing at about the
lower left of this photo. Note Holy Cross hospital in the distance.


These are the connected apartment buildings Mason used to avoid the police
while making his way across Federal Highway to Holy Cross hospital.


The window just below and to the left of the Holy Cross symbol used to be
the maternity ward. From that vantage point, Mason was able to see the
parking lot where his van was parked, the rear door of Welling's apartment, and the
street where Barbara was being detained by the police.



Chapter Twenty-four: "Prey No More"


Collier penthouse on Marco Island, Florida.
Arrow shows where Mason tried to position ladder.


Bill Mason and Francine Loveman.


Bill Mason with co-author Lee Gruenfeld

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