Four Stars  -- "There's a trinity of temptations that afflict the Irish: liquor, literature and the links. All three abound in the new Eddie Caminetti golf hustler novel from Troon McAllister. After his three previous novels, McAllister was clearly going to have to pull a rabbit out of his porthole to avoid a senior slump.

And somehow he pulls it off, combining the Cuban revolution, coffee speculation, the inanity of beltway politics and the purity of flushing a one-iron into a hilarious literary conga line -- proving that nobody writes better about golf in all of its glorious stupidity."

                            --- CBS golf analysts David Feherty,
The New York Post


Legendary curmudgeon and hustler extraordinaire, Eddie Caminetti, has taken on the Ryder Cup (The Green), unrepentant sinners (The Foursome), and the entire golf equipment industry (Scratch). In the 4th book in the Eddie Caminetti series, Eddie goes geopolitical when he's called upon by the U.S. government to go after a South American economic terrorist threatening the only commodity capable of destabilizing the entire western hemisphere. In the hands of master storyteller Troon McAllister, impending doom has never been more fun.

                            ---, the PGA book store


"McAllister shows no signs of coasting on the talents he displayed in The Green, The Foursome, and Scratch. This new book is every bit the equal of the first three in the Eddie Caminetti series, and if possible the satire is even more biting. Delightfully funny."




The photo on the front cover of the book is genuine.
Here are all the known photos of the golf match between Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.



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