Review Excerpts


- The New York Times Book Review:

"...a big, exciting book. Mr. Gruenfeld has a lot going for him: best of all, he is an accomplished writer. The ending is one of the more harrowing and suspenseful anybody is going to encounter... everything is finally brought together in a way that clarifies not only the action but also the psychological hang-ups of the various characters. Books about flying do not come much better than this one." [New York Times Notable Books of the Year: 1994]

- Booklist (American Library Association):

"Occasionally you find a suspense novel that grabs you by the throat in the opening chapter and doesn't let go until the epilogue. This does just that. Gruenfeld shows a mastery of plotting and characterization that more than justify the promise shown in his first novel, Irreparable Harm (1993). His nonsexist role casting is notable and welcome in a genre which is rarely PC. This should be a very popular novel in public libraries."

- Gallery:

"This tightly focused gripping tale is impressively researched and is a page-turner in every sense of the word; its compelling story is augmented by riveting descriptions, fully-developed characters, sophisticated lyrical writing, and thoughtful literary gems. There's a wonderful rhythm to Gruenfeld's carefully crafted prose."

- West Coast Review of Books:

"Gruenfeld...keeps us constantly in suspense...his twists can startle and delight. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat..." (**** four stars)

- Publishers Weekly:

"Fully imagined...Gruenfeld's plot is played out by well-defined characters and punctuated by painful reminders of racism and [in]equality. This intriguing amalgam of thriller and psychodrama is distinguished by a high sense of realism."

- Clive Cussler:

"A brilliantly conceived thriller that surges through a series of deceptions and intrigues. Gruenfeld really knows how to turn the screws "

- Mysterious Galaxy:

"Enthralling, scary, and it reads all too believably. Two stories are actually being told simultaneously, and they dovetail beautifully.  There is enough high tech hocus pocus, explained in layperson's terms, to fascinate and absorb the reader. All the heroes, heroines, and villains are well drawn, so not only do you get a well developed storyline, but great characters to go with an equally impressive story!" 

- Bellingham Herald:

"Highly interesting...well-written...the book works as a result of Gruenfeld's own working knowledge of computers...aviation...and psychology. His writing is fast-paced without relying on gimmicks. If you're feeling brave, try this book on your next flight."

- Oceanside/Island Park Herald:

[Gruenfeld] may have written this year's best-selling thriller."

- Library Journal:

"Gruenfeld breathes life into his characters... He spins a fine tale of suspense... Recommended"


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