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McAllister plays it for laughs and delivers; this is the perfect book for those who love golf but despise most golfers.



The book's a perfect fit for anyone who loves golf, though the game is just a metaphor for life in this sly, wicked story that'll have you chuckling from page one. "The Foursome" is a golf bag full of laughs, adventure and suspense that's worth carting around.

San Antonio Express-News


All in all, this is one of the most entertaining books of the year, doing what novels are supposed to do: show us interesting people doing interesting things, and with more suspense than a dozen thrillers. McAllister is able to combine humor and human pathos in a single sentence in a way that few authors can. 

Bestselling author Zacahry Alan Fox


McAllister's very funny take on sports and friendship focuses on the worlds of golf and wagering. The courses and games are beautifully described. As the bets get bigger, old hurts, truths, and issues surface and boil over. The Foursome could be used as a human relations textbook. It's a fable that has bits of both The Twilight Zone and Fantasy Island. 

Porthole: The Cruise Magazine


As delightful to non-golfers as golfers.

Santa Cruz Sentinel


McAllister offers up an enjoyable look at a foursome of upwardly mobile golf fanatics who get their just desserts.  A good read for golfers and for others who like stories of lives in search of meaning.

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I have a weakness for cautionary tales that combine wit and wisdom in a sharply defined, well-plotted fashion. McAllister proves that reading about self-destruction can be truly enjoyable; the climax of the a great piece of golf writing.